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Winter Services
• Snowplow/Snow Removal
• Snow Blowing
• Shoveling
• Sidewalk Maintenance
• Snow Relocation On/Off-site

Ice Management
• Pre-Treatment
• Post Treatment
• Salt/Sand

Snow Removal & Ice Management

With our unpredictable weather in Minnesota, the winter season can be a challenge for commercial and residential property owners. At Wild Outdoor Services, Inc., we make sure that you survive the storm effortlessly and as safe as possible.

With our experienced snow removal team, we continually monitor winter storms as they approach the area. Whether it’s snow, ice, sleet, or freezing rain, we will be ready for it before it falls. This ensures that your roads, parking lots, and sidewalks will be cleared as quickly as possible. Our snow and ice removal service does not end after the initial cleaning – we will continue to monitor your property, checking for blowing and drifting snow and any slippery spots that need to be treated.

By utilizing a wide variety of snow removal & ice management equipment, we are able to attack the heaviest snowfalls. Our fleet of equipment allows us to efficiently and safely manage your property throughout the winter months. We routinely perform preventative maintenance, as well as repair and clean all of our equipment, to guarantee dependable service with no down time.

We provide a detailed snow and ice management record that details weather conditions as well as services performed during each billing cycle.


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