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Maintenance Services:

• Raking up leaves and composting them

• Removing messy annuals

• Cutting and trimming bush & Shrubs

• Mulching with leaves / grass clippings

• Trimming perennials

• Clearing away branches, trash, and clutterCutting the grass

Spring & Fall Maintenance

Spring Maintenance: Cleaning up after winter can be a large job depending on how the winter season went or if you didn’t clean up in the fall. We can provide a wide variety of services in the spring. Power Raking is the best way to help your lawn grow fully through the spring and summer. We do offer Aeration in the spring and fall seasons.

Fall Maintenance: Our crews will use blowers and power vacuums to remove, mulch, and dispose of leaves throughout your yard, once or more than once in the fall. This helps prevent damage to your lawn. Along with leaves we will trim your shrubs and bushes around the property. We will analyze your trees and trim them if necessary. After the trimming we will come in and vaccum up your lawn with our mowers to make sure we clean up all the remnants left behind on the trimming and cutting.

For some larger properties we offer other services like:
• Rough Cutting / brush cutting
Fertilization services
• Drain Tile
• Tree Planting
• Landscape Planting
• Street Sweeping



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